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Day 3

Hotel Avalon

Three Cats

Kommunisticheskaya Street 

"Torgovy Dvor" Shopping Centre 

Statue of Viktor Savin
First Komi Theater producer, the Academy Theater next to the statue is named after him

Detail of Academy Theater

fresh vegetables

Institute of Geology, Russian Academy of Science

some of the old houses ~ 80 years old!!


Lady brought some food for a stray cat

Somehow liked that sign :)

View from Cafe Ekler

[click on the picture for a larger version]

[click on the picture for a larger version]

Cafe Ekler

A quick stop-over at the Hotel room was combined with some sunshine lit photos of the sourroundings.

Next time we definitely need to check out the nature around the city, which this time was all soggy from the rain.

The Cathedral of Holy Trinity seen from our hotel room.

Singing in the rain ... 

Memorial to those fallen in WWII.

Christ the Savior evangelical christian baptist Church

I have a thing for birch trees :)


Syktyvkar University

Melons anyone?


Arrow "Stella"

On a school building: A parent introducing the child to the gift of knowledge.

Christ the Savior Evangelical Christian Baptist Church