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B - Revolyutsii and Teatralnaya Squares Area

Hotel Metropol

TSUM Department Store

Bolshoi Theater under renovation

The Second International Congress of Fools

The Pigeon Gang having a lunch break
Teatralnaya Metro Station

Hotel Metropol behind Revolyutsii Ploshchad 

Sparrows taking a lunch break/dust bath
Detail Hotel Metropol

Statue of Karl Marx

Communist weekend demonstration
Souvenirs, anyone? 
Those stalls were slightly off Revolution Square, when walking direction Manezhnaya Square

A tree full of Cheburashkas 

According to the story, Cheburashka is a funny little creature, unknown to science, who lives in the tropical forest. He accidentally gets into a crate of oranges, (possibly American or Australian as the crates are labeled in English) eats his fill, and falls asleep. Cheburashka is not a personal name; it is a species name invented by the puzzled director of the shop where he is found. The salesman takes the animal out and sits him on the table, but his paws are numb after the long time spent in the crate, and he tumbles down ("cheburakhnulsya" (чебурахнулся), a Russian colloquialism, "tumbled" in English) from the table onto the chair and then from the chair, where he could not sit, for the same reason, onto the floor. The director of the shop, who witnesses the scene, called him Cheburashka. 

Of course, I got my own Cheburashka too! :)