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E - Moscow City to Arbat Street

Temporary living quarters for people working on the building sites.

The glass front.
Looking towards downtown, along Moskva River.

Hotel Ukraina, one of Stalin's Seven Sisters Buildings.

World Trade Center

Looking back towards Moscow City, watching the rain clouds closing in.

Novoarbatsky Most (Bridge)
From this bridge army troops and tanks loyal to President Boris Yeltsin attacked the Russian parliament headquarters on October 4, 1993.

Shells fired by heavy T-72 tanks hit the front of the white marble building, smashing dozens of windows.

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The former White House.

Another view of Hotel Ukraine

A Metro-Bridge.

Expensive Condos 
The rain finally caught up with us

Another one of Stalin's Seven Sisters, this time the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Arbat Street

We had a coffee and a snack at Costa's. It was kind of funny to see that roles are reversed in Moscow - 
smokers on the top floor with the nice view out of the window and non-smokers downstairs next to the toilets. :)

Not sure whether that is such a great commercial :)

Traffic wrapped around Moscow Manege